Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Edward Doty and Faith Clark descendants listed in David Brainard Doty Jr’s application to The Founders and Patriots of America. David Brainard Doty’s genealogy list Edward Doty and Faith Clark as parent of Joseph Doty. Joseph Doty and Deborah Hatch parents of John Doty. John Doty and Elizabeth parents of Captain Samuel Doty. Captain Samuel Doty and Zeruiah Lovell parents of David Doty. David Doty and Hannah Southard parents of Dr. Ezra Doty. Dr. Ezra Doty and Rebecca North Lewis parents of Edmund Southward Doty. Edmund Southward Doty and Catherine Wilson parents of David Brainard Doty. David Brainard Doty and Ruth Miller parents of David Brainard Doty Jr. is parent of Iris Doty. Family photograph of David Brainard Doty Sr. with his family. Those is photo include David Brainard Doty Sr. sitting in the middle, with his wife, Ruth Miller leaning on his leg. The back people are two Doty’s, don’t know if they are brother and sister or husband and wife. Speech given by Dr. Ezra Doty gave at the reception of President Abraham Lincoln around September 19, 1866 in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania.

David B. Doty and wife Ruth Miller photo

David B. Doty speach Sept 19. 1866

Patrick D. Smith letter regarding David B Doty genealogy_0001

David Brainard Doty Genealogy Tree_0001

David Brainard Doty Genealogy Tree_0002

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