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Benjamin Fall sued James Irwin, George Dickey and William McChesney in Common Pleas Court, Warren County, Ohio on 19 November 1835 for $500. James Irwin and George Dickey are arrested and released with agreement to appear in next court at next hearing in June 1836. The sheriff is not able to locate William McChesney. The case is continued until October 3, 1836 at which time, Benjamin Fall does not appear in court and the case is dismissed. Warren County Archives, Court Records, Record Book 15, Page 321-322.

Benjamin Fall sues James Irwin 1835_0001

Benjamin Fall sues James Irwin 1835_0002

Nimrod Duvall Estate Probated 21 November 1835. Residence of Deerfield Township, Warren County, Ohio. Administrators of his estate was Henry Hageman and Robert Irwin–21 November 1835. John B. Crain and Joseph A Crain–27 August 1836. Heirs: daughter, Lida Duvall wife of Derrick J. Lowe, minor child Lucy Duvall, daughter, Mary Duvall wife of Job W. Decker, Nimrod Duvall Jr., son, Abraham Duvall, minor child Sarah Duvall, granddaughter, Rebecky Dawson, Rebecca Duvall, Jacob Duvall. Note: Nimrod died on or about 2 November 1835.

Nimrod Duvall Estate

Nimrod Duvall Estate 2

Nimrod Duvall Estate 1

John Barnett Will Probated 18 June 1831. Will Signed 25 September 1830. Executors of Will are Joseph Barnett and Juliet Barnett. Residence was Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio. Heirs: son, Joseph C. Barnett, daughter, Juliet Barnett, indentured servant, Ann Mary Shank, grandson, John Barnett, daughter, Margaret Barnett Roan Hearn wife of Daniel W. Hearn, daughter Mary Barnett Irwin widow of William Irwin, daughter, Sarah Barnett Stewart wife of Samuel Stewart, grandson John Barnett Irwin, grandson, John Barnett Stewart.

John Barnett willJohn Barnett will 2John Barnett will 3

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John Ross Estate Probated 24 August 1820. On a separate sheet paper put in box by Roy H. Ross of Urbanna, Ohio (1933). Children of John and Jennett Irwin Ross: William Ross, James Ross, Ann Ross, Hannah Ross, George Ross, John Ross, Samuel Ross, Clendenen Ross, Williamson Ross, Robert Irwin Ross, and Joseph Ross

John Ross

John Ross 2

Nicholas Dawson Will Probated 6 November 1867. Will Signed 25 October 1864. Residence: Deerfield Township, South of Mason. Executors: Joshua Dawson & Henry Dawson. Widow: Mary Dawson. Heirs: son Amos Dawson, daughter Matilda Dawson, son Joshua Dawson, son Henry Dawson, daughter Mary Dawson Irwin, wife of James Irwin, daughter, Susanna Dawson Elliott wife of John Elliott, children of dec’d daughter Elizabeth VanLear named: Mary Ann VanLear Kinneer wife of Isaac Kinneer, John VanLear, William VanLear, Benjamin F. VanLear, Henry VanLear; heirs of my dec’d son Ezra Dawson named: Rebech Dawson, Surbeitus Dawson, Nicholas Dawson, Pingree Dawson; heirs of dec’d daughter Catharine Dawson McKinney named: John McKinney, James McKinney.

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William Humphreys Will Probated 20 June 1823. Will Signed 15 May 1823. Executors: Alexander Wood of Hamilton County, Ohio & Thomas Irwin & John Wood of Butler County, Ohio. Heirs: David Anderson, Samuel Anderson both sons of sister Jane Humphreys Anderson widow of Oliver Anderson, George Humphreys and Robert Humphreys both sons of brother John Humphreys, sister Anne Humphreys McChesney widow of John McChesney, David McChesney and wife Betsy, William McChesney son of David McChesney, William McChesney son of Anne Humphreys McChesney, John Irwin McChesney.

William Humphreys

William Humphreys 2

William Irwin Will Probated 9 April 1851. Will Signed 5 May 1849. Executor: Not named. Heirs: brother James Irwin, sister Jane Miller and her heirs.

William Irwin

William Irwin 2

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James Irwin Will Probated date 14 November 1848. Will Signed 6 September 1848. Residence was Union Township, Butler County, Ohio. Executor was his son, Robert Irwin. Widow: Agnes Irwin. Heirs: heirs of dec’s daughter Mary Lowes wife of John Lowes, son Robert Irwin & his heirs, heirs of dec’d daughter Jane Whitaker wife of Jonathan Whitaker, heirs of dec’d son William Irwin, heirs of dec’d son David S. Irwin–wife Nancy Irwin, heirs of dec’d daughter Nancy Cox wife of Richard Cox, grandson Britton Moore Irwin only child of dec’d son James Irwin.

James IrwinJames Irwin 2James Irwin 3

John N. Irwin Estate dated 4 April 1874. Administrator was William Cox Irwin. Widow was Ruth A. Irwin. Heirs: minor son, George M. Irwin, minor daughter, Lydia M. Irwin. Note: John died on or about 29 March 1874.

John N. Irwin 2

John N. Irwin

George Gordon Will Probated 5 December 1826, Will Signed 28 July 1821. Executors of his will. son Morten Gordon & friend John Barnett. Residence was Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio. Heirs: wife, Mary Gordon, daughter, Elizabeth Gordon, son, Morton Gordon, son, John Gordon, son, William Gordon, son, George Gordon Jr., dec’d daughter, Jane Gordon Irwin & heirs, grandson, George Irwin, daughter, Ruth Gordon Crane, daughter, Margaret Gordon Long, Ann Magne? and Mary Gamble.

George Gordon

George Gordon 2

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Robert Irwin Estate, administrator was William Cox Irwin, dated 19 June, 1875, Widow was Martha Irwin, Heirs: minor son George Irwin, minor daughter Lydia M. Irwin, Margaret A. Owens, John L. Day husband of Carrie R. Day, Mary E. Kramer wife of Will G. Kramer, Frances O. Sprunce wife of William A. Sprunce, Lydia E. Hoff wife of Reuben A. Hoff, Anna Isadore McVay wife of C.E. McVay, minor Frank J. Clendenin. Note: Robert died on or about 10 June 1875.

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Robert Irwin estate 2

Elizabeth Synder/Snider administrator of her will was Robert Irwin. Heirs: John Williams, Elizabeth M. Williams, Mary Macy, William F. Williams, Esther M. Trotter, and Isaac F. Williams dated 2 May 1860.

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Culbert/Colbird Ruff, administrator of his will was James Irwin in Warren County, Ohio, Will & Estate Records

Cullbert Ruff admr James Irwin Warren Co, OH WillRecs

Cullbert Ruff admr James Irwin Warren Co, OH WillRecs2

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James Irwin's Will dated 26 September 1843 in Union Township, Butler County, Ohio.

James Irwin's Will dated 26 September 1843 in Union Township, Butler County, Ohio.

James Irwin's will dated 26 September 1843 in Unions Township, Butler County, Ohio was recorded in Will Book 3 OLD on pages 126-133.  The will was original copied into the Common Pleas Journal which serves as the day-to-day recording of activities of the Common Pleas Court.  

James Irwin's will  was also entered into page 232 of Volume 8 of the Testamentary Records of the Probate Court certifying this is a true copy of his will that was deposited  with them for further action.  

The above documets are located at The Butler County Records Center and Archives, 123 North Third Street, Hamilton, Ohio 45011. Telephone (513) 887-3437, Fax: (513) 887-3577, Email: bcarchives@bultercountyohio.org