Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Alta Heiser Collection Index Vol. 1, November 29, 1935 & December 30, 1939. Interesting sidelights on taverns of Turnpike Days. We have mentioned several of the taverns and homes along the Hamilton and Fair Haven turnpike in Butler County, Ohio where the men working on or connected with the road improvement were fed or lodged. Until much later than Stephen Kendall’s time, the mail stage passing through Darrtown on its way between Hamilton and the state line made but one trip a week. Today the distance between Fair Haven and Darrtown is a mere nothing to tourists, but at that earlier date communication between the villages were few and far between. Family letters show how great the separation seemed to young “Wes Irwin and his wife, Mary Ann Woods, who left their farm homes near Darrtown to live at Fair Haven”.

Wes Irwin wife, Mary Ann Woods leave Darrtown_0001Wes Irwin wife, Mary Ann Woods leave Darrtown_0002Wes Irwin wife, Mary Ann Woods leave Darrtown_0003

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