Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Alta Heiser Collection Index Vol. 1, November 29, 1935 & December 30, 1939. First bridge to span Great Miami. The first bridge to connect the little town of Hamilton and Rossville in Butler County, Ohio was a toll bridge through out its entire existence. It was called the Miami Bridge, and connected Hamilton and Rossville at about the site of the present bridge at High Street and Main Street. Not only was this Hamilton’s first bridge, but it was also the first to span the waters of the Great Miami and the first large bridge in this part of the country. The one over the Scioto at Chillicothe, which town was Ohio’s first capital, was the only one of any size in the state in 1815, when the citizens of Hamilton and Rossville came to feel that the service afforded by the ferries was inadequate. Charter members of The Miami Bridge company was Robert Irwin.

Robert Irwin Charter member The Miami Bridge company_0001Robert Irwin Charter member The Miami Bridge company_0002Robert Irwin Charter member The Miami Bridge company_0003

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