Friday, September 18, 2015

The Alta Heiser Collection Index Vol. 3, January 1, 1944 & December 18, 1947. Old letters tell of early day hardships. In January of 1799, Isabella Sterrett wrote letter to her sister, Polly McClellan. William McClellan and his wife, Polly McClellan lived in log tavern frequented by Indians and the riff raff left from the army. Before the end of 1798, William McClellan wrote to his brother, John McClellan asking him to come out to Fort Hamilton and join him in the trading business with the Indians. Two months later, James McClellan addressed a letter to his son, William McClellan who lived in Fort Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio. He began it “Dear Children”, and at once told that Polly’s brother James had passed away. William Irwin had brought a letter from Hamilton which had given them great satisfaction. Other news was that William Hunter was dead, Uncle McFarland had married to the widow Colwell, and that their brother Karns was married to Elizabeth Whitesides. James McClellan Jr., added to this letter, expressing concern over hearing that Robert had entirely “broke himself by Baile”, and sending his compliments to Littler Sheley.

William Irwin delivers letter to from Hamilton 1789_0001William Irwin delivers letter to from Hamilton 1789_0002William Irwin delivers letter to from Hamilton 1789_0003

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