Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Alta Heiser Collection Index Vol. 3, January 1, 1944 & December 18, 1947. Miami University Students Volunteer for “Siege of Cincinnati, Ohio”. In the fall of 1862, there was no other city in United States had ever had to fortified against an advancing foe as was Cincinnati during the second year of the Civil War. The fall session at Miami University had just opened when news of the approach of General Kirby Smith’s troops towards the southern boundary of Ohio, with all that it applied. Quickly following this came the word that General Lew Wallace was in command of Cincinnati. Charles H. Fiske, a loyal Union boy and Miami University student who home was in Newport, Kentucky sent a wire to General Lew Wallace, asking if he would accept a company of volunteers. An affirmation reply came from General Lew Wallace and your Charles H. Fiske went to work. First he secured a two horse wagon, and with fifer and drummer aboard, scoured Oxford township for arms and ammunition, at the same time spreading the call for volunteers. He gathered all the shotguns, rifles, lead bullet molds, and ammunition of war which he could be found. On his return to Oxford, he found many eager to enlist. Fiske was elected captain. Mart Jones, who had seen service in the 100 days call for troops, was elected first lieutenant, and John J. Davis, a Miami University student, was made second lieutenant. Captain Fiske named his non-commissioned offers as shown in the roster of the company. One of the privates was John N. Irwin. All of the Miami University students who had arrived for the fall term, with the exception of perhaps a dozen were enrolled. Men, young and old, from Oxford and that township were enrolled. Within twenty four hours the company was organized, armed and ready to march. They were taken to Cincinnati by train, arriving in time to be entered before supper upon the roster of troops for service in behalf of United States. The ate in the old Sixth Street Market house and were assigned to quarters in the Smith and Nixon Hall on Vine Street, near Sixth Street.

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