Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Warren County, Ohio Genealogical Society Research Response for Irwin family. Their research response states that they can not find Robert Irwin to William Cox Irwin as father and son relationship. They state that they followed the property transactions, conveyance sheets, in Section 27, Township 4, Range 2 to James Irwin in 1796 in Transcribed Deeds. They wondered what happen to all the acres as they are not accounted for in Warren County, Ohio. They checked the conveyance book again. Found John Cleves Symmes selling in 1797 the entire Section 27 to Elias Boudinot. John Cleves Symmes had originally sold the Section 27 to Clarkson. John Cleves Symmes was notorious for selling the same property multiple times. So pioneers who bought property had to re-buy the land if they wanted it. Section 34, Township 4, Range 2 they show Robert Irwin purchasing the land in 1833. Then William Cox Irwin is buying up shares of the same 160 acres from 1876 into 1891 via quick claim deeds. In 1896 heir of William Cox Irwin sell the land. No deed went from father to son names as such. Section 33, Township 4, Range 2 in 1826 was purchased by Robert Irwin. In 1849, Section 33, Township 4, Range 2 was sold by sheriff to William Cox Irwin. This transaction does not say from father to son. There was a partition suit filed on November 1848, Chancery Book 13, pages 80-89. James Irwin’s children named and many of his grandchildren. But Robert Irwin’s surviving children are not named. Chancery Book 13, pages 444-455 in November 1849, Settle of the Suit was filed. Note in the above chancery records that James Irwin is of Butler County, Ohio and left a will there. A lease is mentioned that James Irwin had with William Cox Irwin that could be part of his will and estate pouch. Found a notice of William Cox Irwin’s death in Western Star newspaper. They followed the paper for 2 more editions, found no big obituary.

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