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Gracie Mae (Wagers) Irwin’s Funeral Flyer dated February 3, 1995. Buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio.–William Cox Irwin’s Cemetery Lots


Gracie Mae (Wagers) Irwin’s Funeral Flyer dated February 3, 1995. 

Note: My mother, Gracie was the 29th person buried within the William Cox Irwin’s cemetery lots at Rose Hill Cemetery in Deerfield Township, Warren County, Ohio.  The 30th person was my daughter, Whitney Gjertine Henderson and the 31st person was my father, Lee Anton Irwin. 

After my mother died, I went with my father to make burial arrangements for her at Rose Hill Cemetery.  It has then that I learned about these cemetery lots that have laid vacant these many years since my 3rd great grandfather, William Cox Irwin purchased them in early 1800’s. 

I then decided as a single mother of 5 teenagers that I would procure 7 lots for myself and my children and one day future husband.  I went to all of my siblings, cousins, aunt and uncle and informed them of these lots and our rights as William Cox Irwin’s legal heirs but NO ONE was interested in them. 

The day after Mother’s Day in 1995, I took my five children and we choose 7 lots from William Cox Irwin’s cemetery lot.  We completed all paperwork that was required by the Deerfield Township in Warren County, Ohio and Rose Hill Cemetery. 

In 1996, I learn from my siblings that my father had went to Rose Hill Cemetery and proclaimed that he was the oldest living heir to William Cox Irwin and was in total control of these lots.  Hence, he had our claim to the lots destroyed and reassigned to my siblings.

Later in 1996, I was with my father, Lee Anton Irwin and his sister and my aunt, Anna Mae (Irwin) Hughes when they visited Rose Hill Cemetery and my aunt demanded that her son, Jimmy Richard Irwin be procured a lot from William Cox Irwin’s cemetery lot as an heir.  It was at this time that I approached my father and my aunt requesting again if I could have 7 lots for my family.  My father and aunt agreed and signed the note below. But as you will see that promise was short lived and never kept.

In 2009, I buried my youngest child and daughter, Whitney Gjertine Henderson.  Her death was very sad indeed. While we were getting ready to travel to Rose Hill Cemetery to her final resting home my siblings and their families were openly complaining and questioning my daughter’s right as heir to William Cox Irwin’s cemetery lots.  Then after she was placed in the ground that day, my father and his brother and my uncle, Larry Harry Irwin went to the Rose Hill Cemetery Office demanded that all paperwork regarding the lots that I had previously owned as an heir were to be destroyed and I was not to inherit any lots.

Later that month when my husband, Jimmie Loyd Edgington and I are making arrangements to have a headstone placed for Whitney that I am informed by Rose Hill Cemetery personnel  regarding the loss of lots.  I can only say that my heart was crusted and I was sadden again.

Then when my father, Lee Anton Irwin died in September 2010 I again request from Deerfield Township and Rose Hill Cemetery that my rights as heir to William Cox Irwin’s cemetery lots be restored to me.  They inform me that now, my aunt, Anna Mae (Irwin) Hughes is stating and demanding that she is the oldest living heir to William Cox Irwin and has total control of the lots.  Deerfield Township and Rose Hill Cemetery personnel set up telephone conference with my aunt and I. I our discussion she stated that she had talked in length the pervious day to my siblings and they were all in agreement that I should have no claim any of the cemetery lots at Rose Hill Cemetery.  Everyone tried to reason with her and tell her that the lots that my father has given to my siblings would not be taken away and that there were plenty of lots to honor my request but she refused to listen or reason and ended the discussion by hanging up on everyone.

Now, November 2012 my husband, Jim is very sick and close to death and I have requested this last time from my aunt, by telephone if she will just consider allowing me and my husband to be buried next to my daughter, Whitney at Rose Hill Cemetery.  She refused and was very upset that I would make the request  and ended the conversation by hanging up.  I am very sadden indeed. 

My husband, Jim and I will look for other lots else where. I can not believe how wicked and cruel that family can be to each other.  I wonder about the family members buried at Rose Hill Cemetery. What type of men were they.  I know that I have done their genealogy for years and have submitted it for temple work for their choice to accept the gospel as I know it.  I also wonder about leaving my daughter, Whitney there with them. 

I do remember very clearly that I did see Whitney for a few brief moments before she was lowered into the ground. She was standing upon the ground about 4 feet and she was looking at 45 degree angle to me.  She was just looking at those present there.  I am sure that in the spirit world they know our hearts and thoughts. I wonder what she thought then and then I wonder who was there to comfort her. 





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