Saturday, July 14, 2012

Benjamin Hitch, born 1755 in Somerset County, Maryland and died April 19, 1814 in Worchester County, Maryland is our Revolutionary War Veteran who served under Captain Josiah Dashiell in the Somerset County, Maryland Militia, Salisbury Battalion. Benjamin Hitch also furnished supplies during the Revolutionary War.


Here is our direct line to Benjamin Hitch:

Follow my direct line: 

Kathy Mae Irwin to Lee Anton Irwin to Lee Hitch Irwin

Lee Hitch Irwin to Anna Clara Hitch to John Wesley Hitch

John Wesley Hitch to Benjamin Franklin Hitch to John Wesley Hitch

John Wesley Hitch to Thomas P. Hitch to Benjamin Hitch and Mary Pitts

Kathy's  chart

Kathy's  chart 2

Kathy's  chart 3

Benjamin Hitch 1 DAR Ancestor#A205275

Benjamin Hitch DAR Ancestor#A205275

Benjamin Hitch 3 DAR Ancestor#A205275

Benjamin Hitch 4 DAR Ancestor#A205275

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