Tuesday, July 17, 2012

5021 Forest Ave, Norwood, Ohio 45212 where Matilda Edith (Meiners) Irwin, Anna May Irwin and James Robert Irwin lived in 1965-1967



Aunt Ann rented the 2nd floor first of this house and later she rented the 1st floor in 1965 to 1967.  I remember many happy memories of this home.  You will notice the back side door – that lead to the upstairs apartment.  Also look at the steep slope of the road, very scary.

This was the home that Aunt Ann brought her son, Jimmy home to.  I wonder if he remembers this place or not.  I spend all my weekends and summers staying at my grandmother, Matilda or Tilly and my Aunt Ann. 

I remember my grandmother cooking, washing, cleaning and taking care of Jimmy while I helped her some.  Sure should have helped more back in those days.  I do remember in the summertime that my grandmother Tilly would make ice cold iced tea that was awesome.  After dinner when Aunt Ann would come home from work we would sit outside on the back porch and drink our iced tea. Gosh those were the days…

Quick note: This home that Aunt Ann rented was just down the street to where she lived with her parents, Lee Hitch Irwin, Matilda Edith (Meiners) Irwin, and my dad Lee Anton Irwin.  I wonder if she ever knew that or remembered the home she lived in when she was 3 years old. 

5021 Forest Ave, Norwood, Ohio 45212

5021 Forest Ave, Norwood, Ohio 45212Matilda,Anne,Jimmylrwin

2335HarperAve,Norwood,Ohto5021ForestAve, Norwood,OhAnnIrwin

A = 2335 Harper Ave, Norwood, Ohio (where Aunt Ann, my dad, Lee, my grandparents Lee and Matilda Irwin lived in 1940’s

B= 5021 Forest Ave, Norwood, Ohio (where my Aunt Ann, my grandmother, Matilda or Tilly and my cousin, Jimmy lived in 1965-1967).

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