Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Alta Heiser Collection Index Vol. 4, January 1, 1948 & December 26, 1951. John Sutherland was a Scotchman, and had been twice married before he came to Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio. We understand that these wives were both Kentucky belles, who died young, one leaving a son, Alexander Sutherland. It is impossible to keep track of relationships, but it is easy to see that marriages among John Sutherland’s associates had a definite bearing on his business ventures and on his selection of a third wife. William Irwin’s brother Archibald Irwin married Mary Ramsey. James Findlay, a cousin and business partner of James Smith, married Jane Irwin, a sister of William and Archibald Irwin. Sutherland, Findlay, Ramsey and Irwin formed a partnership. Although John Sutherland was much older than Nancy Ramsey, relative of his partners, he won her for his third wife. This bought about a close friendship among the John Sutherland, James Smith, James Findlay, William and Archibald Irwin, Mary Ramsey and William Henry Harrison families.

Irwin, Ramsey, Harrison, Sutherland, Smith, Findlay_0001Irwin, Ramsey, Harrison, Sutherland, Smith, Findlay_0002Irwin, Ramsey, Harrison, Sutherland, Smith, Findlay_0003

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