Friday, September 18, 2015

The Alta Heiser Collection Index Vol. 3, January 1, 1944 & December 18, 1947. Friends meant relatives, largely if not altogether. When one member of the family wrote to another, in speaking of the health of the family it was stated that “Your friends are all well at present.” Quite often, the report was not so good. The point we wish to bring out is that from among the first families who located near Fort Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio the Christys, Hendersons, McClearys and McClures were relatives of Colonel James Smith. Some one from each family had married a daughter or granddaughter of the colonel. Collateral relatives, or at least relatives of the in-laws, were the Halls, Falconers, Dunns, Beatys, McFarlands, McClellans, Irwins, and Tolberts. These are but a few of the names for which he have proof that there were relationship. Many could be named, and some have been mentioned in previous sketches, who were neighbors or friends in Pennsylvania.

William Irwin on a trip to Pennsylvania 1799 (2)William Irwin on a trip to Pennsylvania 1799 (3)

Irwins closely related to Col. James Smith Bulter Co, OH_0003

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