Thursday, January 22, 2015

William Irwin, deceased, will dated 5 May 1849 was brought before March Term 1857, in open court in Warren County, Ohio by Thomas M. Skinner and Hamilton H. Cox dated 5 May 1849.

I, William Irwin being in my right mind, and about to start on a long journey think it my duty to make this my last Will and Testament. First I will my soul to God who gave it, Second all my just debts to be paid. Third I will my Estate to be  divided equally between James Irwin, my brother and Jane Miller, and her heirs that is my sister and her heirs.

William Irwin will May 5, 1849_0001William Irwin will May 5, 1849_0002William Irwin will May 5, 1849_0003

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