Thursday, January 22, 2015

Will of Robert J. Irwin, died on 13 November 1925, resident of Deerfield Township, Warren County, Ohio. R.J. died leaving Annie I. (Duvall) Irwin his widow resides at Mason and following named persons his only next of kin. Etta (Irwin) Miller his half sister, William Harper Irwin his half brother, Laura Irwin his half sister. R.J. Irwin is Robert J. Irwin son of William Cox Irwin and Eliza Jane Baxter.

Charles A. Stonebraker, H.B. Thompson, Vera Vorhis, Alton F. Brown gave testimony in court to execution of the last will and testament of R.J. Irwin on December 26, 1925. 

R.J. Irwin mentions his deceased sister, Martha A. (Irwin) Patterson children in his will. 

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