Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Estate of Lydia M. Irwin and George M. Irwin, minors, May 12, 1875. F. M. Moore application for Guardianship, Bond, $4,000, J.M. Voorhis and F. Voorhis. Recorded at Warren County, Ohio, Record Center and Archives, Deeds and Estates, Book 4, page 190. F.M. Moore was Furman M. Moore the uncle of Lydia and George and the brother of Ruth Ann Moore Irwin their mother. J.M. Voorhis may have been Furman’s brother in-laws (his wife, Julie Ann Voorhis’s brothers), John Voorhis and Francis Marion Voorhis.

Lydia M Irwin minor_0001Lydia M Irwin minor_0002

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