Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nimrod Duvall Estate Probated 21 November 1835. Residence of Deerfield Township, Warren County, Ohio. Administrators of his estate was Henry Hageman and Robert Irwin–21 November 1835. John B. Crain and Joseph A Crain–27 August 1836. Heirs: daughter, Lida Duvall wife of Derrick J. Lowe, minor child Lucy Duvall, daughter, Mary Duvall wife of Job W. Decker, Nimrod Duvall Jr., son, Abraham Duvall, minor child Sarah Duvall, granddaughter, Rebecky Dawson, Rebecca Duvall, Jacob Duvall. Note: Nimrod died on or about 2 November 1835.

Nimrod Duvall Estate
Nimrod Duvall Estate 2
Nimrod Duvall Estate 1

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