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Hitch Family buried at Old Bethel Methodist Cemetery, Clermont County, Ohio



Clermont County Genealogical Society

Old Bethel Methodist Cemetery, Clermont County, Ohio

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Hitch, Amanda E.

died July 25, 1885 aged 4 months and 21 Days



Hitch, Augustus

James Augustus Hitch son of Thomas Hitch and Eleanor Ann (Simmons) Hitch, husband of Cordelia Ann Elvira (Donham) Hitch

Born 21 February 1843

Died December 2, 1875 aged 32 years & 9 months & 9 days


Hitch, B. F.

Benjamin Franklin Hitch son of John Wesley Hitch and Nancy (Simmons) Hitch, husband of Laura Ann (White) Hitch

Born April 12, 1818

Died April 11, 1898 age 79 years old

"I know the Loved who have gone before and joyfully sweet will the meeting be, when over the river, the peaceful river, the Angel of death shall carry me."


Hitch, Caroline

Caroline (Hammond) Hitch daughter of D. Hammond and Amy (Green) Hammond, wife of N.A. Hitch (Nelson A. Hitch)

Born April 6, 1806

Died December 28, 1853 age 47 years


Caroline Hitch

Hitch, Eleanor A.

Eleanor Ann (Simmons) Hitch daughter of James Grant Simmons and Sarah (Evans) Hitch, wife of Thomas Hitch

Born 10 Apr 1812

Died 1894 age 81 years

Eleanor A Hitch

Hitch, Eleanor A., closeup

Eleanor A Hitch closeup

Hitch, Harriet

Harriet F. (Robinson) Hitch daughter of Charles Robinson and wife of James Fletcher Hitch

Born 1836

Died 13 February 1868 age 32 years

Harriet Hitch

Hitch, Harry Samuel

Youngest son of John W. & Julia Prather Hitch

Born 1881

Died August 1, 1882 age 1

Note: My great-grandmother, Anna Clara (Hitch) Irwin was born 4 months later on December 26, 1882.  She always felt guilty that her older brother, Harry Samuel had died.  She stated many times that he would have survived if their mother was not pregnant with her and had enough suck or milk for him.  In her older years she kept Harry Samuel’s lamb head to his headstone in her cedar chest hoping one day to restore it. 

Another interesting note is that my younger brother, Jimmy Richard Irwin died 23 Mar 1964 and my younger sister, Karen Marie Irwin died 21 Jan 1967 are buried to the right of Harry Samuel’s gravesite.  There was empty John Wesley Hitch Family Cemetery Lots there that my parents, Lee Anton Irwin and Gracie Mae (Wagers) Irwin used for their burial plot.  Jimmy died at age of 6 months and Karen died at age of 17 months. 

Harry Samuel Hitch

Hitch, Isaac

son of Nelson A. Hitch and Charlotte T. Quinland

Born 25 Feb 1863

Died 23 Dec 1863 age 9 months

Isaac Hitch

Hitch, John

John Wesley Hitch son of Thomas P. Hitch and Jane (Smulling) Hitch and husband of Nancy Simmons

Born 24 June 1794

Died 23 Jan 1876 age 81 years

John Hitch

Hitch, Laura A.

Laura Ann (White) Hitch daughter of Forman White and Mary Polly Rogers, wife of Benjamin Franklin Hitch

Born 23 August 1820

Died 16 March 1918 age 97 years

Laura Ann Hitch


Hitch, Nancy

Nancy (Simmons) Hitch daughter of Adam Simmons and Mary (Hatton) Simmons, wife of John Wesley Hitch

Born 10 Oct 1793

Died 23 Feb 1874 age 80

Nancy Hitch

Hitch, Oliver & Amanda parents names

Oliver and Amanda Hitch parents

Hitch, Oliver H.

Oliver H. Hitch son of James Fletcher Hitch and Harriett (Robinson) Hitch

Born 13 Feb 1858

Died 01 Dec 1863 age 5 years

Oliver H. Hitch

Hitch, Thomas

Thomas P Hitch


Hitch, Thomas closeup

Thomas Hitch son of Thomas P. Hitch and Jane (Smulling) Hitch and husband of Eleanor Ann (Simmons) Hitch

Born 20 Jun 1800

Died 27 Sep 1874 age 74 years

Thomas P. Hitch closeup

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