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U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 Record for Hayden Avery–Descendant of Robert Irwin

This application of Hayden Avery is the same Robert Irwin who documented our James Irwin Revolution War Pension Application just before his death in Butler County, Ohio in 1833. 

You will notice that James Irwin, born 16 October 1758 is older than Robert, who was born 7 January 1763. 

I read that our James and this Robert are not brothers, maybe cousins.  This maybe true since one of James Irwin’s descendant application to Son of American Revolution listed James’ parents as William Irwin and Nancy unknown. 

Hayden Avery one of Robert Irwin’s descendant application to Son of American Revolution listed Robert’s parents as John Irwin and Mary unknown.  

Robert Irwin’s line:

Robert Irwin (1657-) and Margret Wylie (m. Glencoe, Ireland)

William Irwin (1700- 2/15/1768 – Lancaster, Pennsylvania) and Anne Craig

John Irwin (1730 Pennsylvania – 1771 Carlisle, Pennsylvania) and Mary

*Robert Irwin (1/7/1763 – 7/23/1833 Butler County, Ohio) and Mary Snodgrass (12/23/1765 – 12/7/1831)

Robert Irwin (3/8/1802 Woodford County, Kentucky – 11/4/1874 Muncie, Indiana) – Mary Ann Winton (7/9/1805 – 4/16/1866) m. 9/11/1823

Robert Irwin, D.D. (1/1/1833 Oxford County, Ohio – 4/16/1893 St. Charles, Missouri) - and Kate (Catherine) Zibiah Mathews (11/21/1836 Milltown, Indiana – 5/23/1896 Alma, Michigan) m. 4/17/1856

James Warren Avery (7/23/1853 Wooster, Ohio – 2/1918 St. Louis, Missouri) and Annie Eudora Irwin (1/20/1857 Cass County, Indiana – 12/1920 St. Louis, Missouri) m. 10/30/1878 Webster Grove, Missouri

Hans Wilhem Ernet Glatte (3/15/1872 Freystadt, Germany – 8/15/1953 St. Louis, Missouri) and Ethel Avery (9/26/1880 St. Charles, Missouri –) m. 1/20/1902 Webster Grove, Missouri

Hayden Avery Glatte (applicant) (4/211903 Gasconade, Hermann County, Missouri –)

Robert Irwin RW1

Robert Irwin RW2

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