Monday, April 23, 2012

Irwin Family buried at Rose Hill Cemetery

Rose Hill Cemetery
Rose Hill Cemetery is the largest of three cemeteries owned by Deerfield Township. The beautifully maintained grounds are a tribute to those whose care we assume.  Just as we hope to have our memories cherished by those we leave behind, so should we also keep sacred the ground of those who have gone before us.  From the dawn of history there comes a rich heritage of monumental architecture that creates durable memorials.  At Rose Hill, many have found a lasting haven from the storms of life.
Rose Hill's curving hillsides and gently rounded knolls have been improved throughout the years until the whole blends into a comforting scene, suggestive of peaceful quiet.  The cemetery is conveniently accessible, yet everything within its boundaries is abstracted from the world without.  Since the beginning, its lawns have been wisely planned an expertly cared for.  In 1868, the Trustees of Deerfield Township, by a majority vote of the people, were ordered to raise $2000 by taxation to purchase ten acres on the present site.  In 1909, Deerfield Township added eight acres lying adjacent to the south.  More recently a new storage building has been added.  Every national war has sent its silent representatives to Rose Hill.  We are honored to be entrusted with these heroes, along with all of the loved ones who are no longer with us.  With pride, care and concern, all of us at Rose Hill Cemetery strive to offer the finest service of the highest standards.
Rose Hill Cemetery is located on 171 S. Mason-Montgomery Road. Rose Hill Staff may be reached at 513.398.7871.
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Section 5, Lot 85 – William Cox Irwin Family Lot
William Cox Irwin Family Cemetery Lot located in Section 5, Lot 85.  You can find it easily on the map.  It is located on the North East corner of Section 5 between the two roads. 

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