Thursday, December 22, 2011

U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889- 1970 about Esther Irwin


Name: Esther Irwin
SAR Membership: 34977
Spouse: John Archer
Children: Thomas Archer

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  1. I do not believe my James Irwin is the same as yours, but do believe he has a connection to Esther Irwin and was hoping you might have more information about her. My ancestors are mentioned in the book "Inhabitants of Harford County, Maryland 1791-1800" at the residence of Samuel Willet, treated by Dr. Archer on Mar 1, 1795; the are mentioned as being inoculated by the Dr. along with Willet's wife and eight of their family: William Irwin, James Irwin, Sarah Houston, Peter Willet, Thomas Willet, John Houston, James Dickson, Benjamin Dickson, and Cassey Willey." My 4th ggf, William Irwin, married Sarah Huston in 1797 in Harford Co. My ancestors migrated from Harford Co. to Licking Co. Ohio in the early 1800s.