Monday, May 9, 2011

Cemetery Preservation

I attended a Cemetery Preservation Seminar this past weekend, May 6 – 7, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I took some photos and video of our instructor, John Walters, tombstone restoration expert from Connersville, Indiana.  All the photo represent what we were taught at the seminar.   Some  photos are from Graveyard Groomer website.

John Walters, tombstone restoration expert from Connersville, Indiana gave seminar participants a tour of a cemetery during “Cemetery Preservation Seminar", May 6, 2011


Here is tombstone that has broken in half


Here is tombstone that is unleveled

John Walters cleaning headstone

John Walters cleaning marble tombstone with nylon brush

John Walters cleaning headstone2

John Walters showing the difference of tombstone after it is cleaned


Tombstone that Kathy Edgington and Wendy Bloomhower were cleaning before photo was taken.  You can see some of the areas that we cleaned. 


Dennie and Wendy Bloomhower standing in front of the headstone that he half way completed.  Looks nice and clean.


Kathy and Wendy is front of the tombstone that we cleaned half way. 

John Walters fixing headstone3

John lifting a broken tombstone

John Walters fixing headstone4

John getting ready to mix the compounds to adhere the tombstone together

John Walters fixing headstone6

John making sure that the tombstone will fit into the slot he prepared

John Walters fixing headstone5

Determining if these two pieces go together

John Walters fixing headstone8

Bracing the stone while it sets

John Walters fixing headstone2

Filling in the tombstone after it has set and is stable

John Walters fixing headstone7

John using his wooden bats to pamper down the 1/2 peat gravel and 1/2 sand mixture under the tombstone and then adding the top soil.

John Walters talking about different resumes of ingredient for headstone repair

John teaching about the different recipes for repairing tombstone.  I remember one recipe was 1-4-8  (1 part Portland cement, 4 part hydrated lime, 8 parts dry sand

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