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1790 Census for Mifflin County Pennsylvania

1790 Census for Mifflin County Pennsylvania
The pages are divided into 6 columns from left to right with headings as follows:
1. Name of head of family
2. Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families.
3. Free white males under 16 years.
4. Free white females, including heads of families.
5. All other free persons.
6. Slaves.

South of the River Juniata

Irwin, Robert  1,1,1,0,0

Irwin, Christifor  3,3,4,0,0

Irwin, Robert  2,1,3,0,0

Irwin, * Jnr 1,1,4,0,0  James Jr. (head), John (son), Agnes (wife), Ann (daughter), Mary (daughter), Jane daughter)

Irwin, James  2,1,1,0,0

Irwin, James  1,2,1,0,0

Remaining of Mifflin County

Irwin, John  1,2,4,0,0

Irwin, James 2,2,1,0,0

Irwin, Thomas 1,0,1,0,0

Mifflin County, PA 1790 Census1

Mifflin County, PA 1790 Census2

Mifflin County, PA 1790 Census3

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