Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Ordinance Tracker




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FamilySearch Certified

Enter your new.familysearch.org
login and quickly see all of your reserved ordinances.

Temple ordinance card sorting stacks
Temple Ordinance Card

When you find the ordinance
you want to do, just drag the
card or cards to the temple
request page and click print.

Click print and you are set to go.
Hand in the paper at the temple
and they'll handle the rest!

Family ordinance Request Graphic

Lose a temple card? No worries.

Go to your printed list, add any lost cards to the Family Ordinance request page and click print. This will generate a re-print request that you can then take to the temple.

Don’t have enough time to do all your names?

Just drag the cards to the “assign to temple” page and they will added to the temple ordinance system. If this option scares you see the next question.

Want to take ordinances back
from the temple list?

If you later find time to do those "assigned to temple" ordinances, just assign them back to yourself. As long as the temple hasn’t already got the ball rolling you can take them back.

To see which ones are in the process of being done look on your “Assigned to Temple” list. These cards can show a status of “Assigned”, “In Process” or “Complete”. If the status is “assigned” then you can click “Assign to Me” to take them back from the temple list so you can get them done yourself. If the status is “In Process, Temple” it means the cards have been printed and are in the stack and will soon be used by patrons.

Need cards for a group temple visit?

Filter by cards needing certain ordinances. for example, you can quickly find needed baptisms for a youth temple visit or single endowments for you and your spouse.

Want to email ordinances to a relative?

When you click print, your ordinance request will come up as an .pdf in adobe reader. This gives you the chance to save it as a .pdf so you can e-mail it to your daughter. Not only that, you’ll know when she has the cards printed and completes them without even having to ask.

Will I know when ordinances are done?

Don’t feel like searching the new FamilySearch website to make sure completed ordinances show up? With ordinance tracker you can know right away because the “completed” status shows up on your card.

Use Family Tree Maker, Legacy, AQ, PAF or Roots Magic?

Cool. Compatability is not an issue. All you need is a login to new.familysearch.org. Your reseved list is brought up directly from the new FamilySearch website.
View the Ordinance Tracker Video Tutorial

Now available:

Ordinance Tracker
FamilyInsight with Ordinance Tracker

Temple ordinance card sorting stacks

Use a program other than Familyinsight? You can now purchase ordinance tracker by itself. All you need to use it is a new.familysearch.org login.

FamilyInsight Computer Program Image

Ordinance Tracker is built into the current version of FamilyInsight. Learn more about FamilyInsight

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