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This information was taken from course entitled “Nauvoo University Family History Class – Social Security Death Index and OurTimeLine.com” on Utah Valley PAF Users Group website: http://uvpafug.org/classes/dons/dons-nu-ssdi&ourtimelines.html.



  • On several websites for free, e.g.  http://www.familysearch.org , but is updated weekly on  http://www.genealogybank.com and hence is more up-to-date
  • All workers in US after 1937 have to have a Social Security number -- see http://www.socialsecurity.gov/history/hfaq.html 
  • SSDI is the nationwide index of deaths reported since about 1962 and gives birth and death dates
  • Can download the information as text and paste it into PAF Notes for the person or can save it as an image and link the image into your PAF file for the person 
  • Can order a copy of the SS application from the SS Adminisration to get info on birth location and parents, but each costs about $27


  • Free website that generates timeline of your ancestor's life with world events at the time -- http://www.ourtimelines.com/ 
  • Click on "Ready to check it out? Just click here" (at bottom)
  • Enter name, birth and death years, and click Generate Timeline
  • Shows timeline in color with bars of length of time that world event was occurring
  • "At Age XX" at end of line is how old your ancestor was when that event happened
  • Can add up to 10 additional events for a person -- check the button for Personal Events to have these show as yellow bars -- sometimes helps to include your ancestor's death year on events like marriage so the yellow bar shows the length of time until your ancestor died
  • Printing and/or saving timelines
    • Can print the timeline in color or in black and white
    • Can save it with FastStone Capture using the scrolling window feature -- saving as pdf allows scrolling up and down in the saved file
    • Can save it in html webpage format by clicking on File > Save Page As > Webpage HTML Only and tell it where to save the file -- File can then be opened in a browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) without being on the Internet


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This web site generates truly fascinating personalized web pages for you. They show how your life (or the life of anyone else you choose - for instance, your descendants and ancestors) fits into history as we know it.

You can generate as many timelines as you like. If you're into creating web pages, you can even take the timelines we generate for you here and put them on your own pages - an unmatched personal touch everyone will enjoy.

In addition, you can insert up to ten custom, color-coded personal time segments (events or ranges) in a time line. These might include schooling, marriages, job assignments, military service and so forth.

Custom Peer/Contemporary Searches:

We also offer the ability to generate a list of "peers", or "contemporaries" on our My Peers page. This provides you with a list of notable individuals who were born the same year as the person you're interested in. This is another fine way to gain perspective about a family member. The database for this function has thousands of individuals in it, and we are adding more all the time. We also take suggestions!

For Genealogists, these capabilities are a veritable gold mine - you can actually see how a family member fits into history, and that not only helps users of your genealogical efforts to know these people a lot better, it helps you to better direct your research.

For families, the site is a wonderful tool to use to enlighten your children as to what went on in your lifetime, or another relative's lifetime. You'll understand this as soon as you try our exciting features. Just take a look at the timelines and peer groups we make for you and think about talking to your kids about those events and people. You'll see exactly what we mean!

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